Hash Calculator

Present situation

Today, we enter into many agreements on the Web. These often refer to some "General Terms" or something similar that exists somewhere on the supplier's Website. Before signing a contract, we usually make sure the terms and conditions match with what we expect from the supplier. If the supplier makes any changes in these terms, the agreement is also changed, sometimes without us knowing about it. Changes could for example be in applicable notice or fees. When we refer to the terms and conditions they are not as we have agreed.

Problems we solve

The best solution is of course if we when writing the agreement with a supplier include all attachments and relevant documents such as "General Terms" with ProSale Signing. The problem here is that some suppliers do not use this simple solution.

Another solution is to take a "fingerprint" of the documents the agreement refers to, and include it in the agreement. When I and the supplier take a "fingerprint" of the same document, the result is the same. If I then save the appendices that I implicitly also sign, with the corresponding "fingerprint", the supplier cannot claim that these conditions do not apply.

The down side for us as clients is that we need to include the "fingerprint" of the appendices with the supplier and then save the relevant documents corresponding to them.

What do we do?

If we cannot get a contract to sign from a supplier that includes all relevant information we should do it ourselves. One way to do this is to include the "fingerprint" of the documents referenced in the agreement itself:

For the document you want to have a "fingerprint" (hash) of, drag and drop it below. In this example, the document called "General Conditions.docx"
A "fingerprint" (hash) is now calculated and displayed for the document:
General Conditions.docx = 6e97aa81e89af28f78a722df82b5750d7e5e31211094bc7c8de5025fc30998ce
Copy the character string after "General Conditions.docx" and include in the agreement with a description that it is a hash of the General Conditions that applies in the agreement, with a unique reference.

Drag and Drop the file here!