ProSale TimeStamp

A timestamp is the time at which an event was recorded by an application. It is based on digital signatures and hash functions. A hash is like a digital fingerprint of the data.

As it is a one way function and the original data is not exposed it can be used for confidential data. A timestamp is a digital proof of the creation time of certain data as it proves that some data existed at a certain point in time.

Problems we solve

With ProSale Timestamp timestamping can be made of data as a service. This means that no software needs to be installed or used. ProSale Timestamp can be implemented with ProSale API.

ProSale Timestamp

  • Uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  • Uses reliable and trusted time sources
  • Complies with RFC 3161


  • Use timestamping as a service when needed
  • ProSale Timestamp uses several different time sources that are trusted and reliable
  • Can be used ad hoc.