ProSale Server

ProSale Server is software for sending and receiving electronic business transactions such as Invoices, Purchase Orders, Delivery Plans and Confirmations. It handles all variations of XML and EDIFACT with communication protocols such as FTP, HTTP, SMTP, SOAP and Web Services.

The Wheel

Problems we solve

Today communication between business applications is handled manually with paper, which is inefficient and expensive.

Large cost reductions and efficiency improvements can be made if the communication is done electronically and directly between the business applications.

Communicate electronically does not have to be complicated.

As this is done in the background, directly between the business applications, security and surveillance are important aspects. ProSale Server is easy and safe to use.

Key features

  • A Windows Service
  • Scheduled activities
  • All variations of XML and EDIFACT
  • Sending and receiving HTTP, FTP
  • Integration of Web Services
  • Sending of e-mail with SMTP
  • Receipt of e-mail attachments
  • Encrypt and decrypt with PKI
  • Electronic signatures
  • Remote surveillance
  • E-mail notifications of events
  • Archiving and logging