ProSale Delivery

Problems we solve

To send an Email is like sending a postcard – everyone on the way can read and change it. Do you want to be sure that:
  • No unauthorized person can read you message and its attachments?
  • Your message has really been received?
  • Your message and its attachments has not been changed on the way?
  • A received message really is from the stated sender?
ProSale Delivery means that:
  • No interception can occur
  • Secure identification of the sender and receiver
  • The contents cannot be changed on the way
  • Proof of receipt
  • Reminders are sent to receivers
ProSale Delivery also offers:
  • Large deliveries – up to 100 MB
  • Alert before the expiry date of delivery
  • Extended storage time
  • Integration in applications with ProSale API
  • Reverse charges – the receiver pays


Secure Message Overview