ProSale Seal

Today many transactions are sent from Business Applications without any natural person being responsible. It could for example be invoices or booking confirmations. In some cases such transactions might need to be sealed, in order to confirm its origin.

Problems we solve

With ProSale Seal documents can be sealed in a simple and secure way by an organization. The service can be used with different Levels of Assurance to identify the organization. The most efficient way to handle seal's is from a Business Application with integration and ProSale API can be used for this.

ProSale Seal

A seal is the electronic equivalent of a seal or stamp which applied on a document guarantees its origin and integrity. ProSale Seal works much in the same way as ProSale Signing with the difference that ProSale Seal is used by a legal entity such as a company. Standards for signature are also used for seal, with no major modifications.


  • Reduce costs and working hours for all parties
  • Improve the level of security in your legal documents
  • Improve monitoring and governance
  • Improve business efficiency with higher quality
  • Reduce the environmental footprint
  • Increase business opportunities


ProSale Seal is a Web application and service. The application uses open standards and secure techniques such as HTTP/S, PKI, XML D-SIG, OASIS DSS and SOAP. For authentication SAML 2.0 is used with existing IdP’s and ProSale IdP is used for issuing authentication tokens for one or two factor identification.