Legal aspects

No Sign Pad

The secure way is the only way

When you manually sign a document, you specify who you are and your intention. With ProSale Signing both identity and intent of the Signatory is captured. This is a very important aspect for achieving secure electronic signatures.

In most cases, an electronic signature with ProSale Signing is more secure and reliable than a manual signature. The reason for this is that we capture the identity and intent of the Signatories in a way that cannot be made manually. In cases where a manual signature is made without witnesses, it is very difficult to verify its authenticity.

Current legal aspects

An electronic signature with ProSale Signing complies with all electronic signatures laws known to us. ProSale Signing fulfills the requirements of advanced electronic signatures according to the Qualified Electronic Signatures Act. It fulfills requirements in the US according to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (“ESignature Act”), and the Act on Qualified Electronic Signatures, EU directive 1999/ 93/EG. A user of ProSale Signing can be a physical or legal person.

Court Ruling the Municipality of Kungsbacka

In the autumn of 2013 meeting protocol was signed electronically with ProSale Signing in a working committee within Kungsbacka municipality. An individual reported this procedure to an Administrative Court as the protocol did not have a visible ink signature. The Administrative Court dismissed the application in the spring of 2014 and individual then appealed the judgment to the Administrative Court of Appeal, which also dismissed the appeal. The court rulings are available only in Swedish here.

Future legal aspects

Comfact follows the development of legal aspects very closely and we participate in all initiatives we find as this is very important for our customers. ProSale Signing and related services will for example comply with the EU legislation eIDAS: “Electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market

An example of the impact of eIDAS is shown in this illustration. It depicts a Swedish company that wants to participate in a public Call for Tender in Croatia, on paper and with eIDAS