ProSale Hubbus

Hubbus stands for "Hub for Business" and is a versatile Web Application with a large number of different usages such as data collection, E-Collaboration and handling of Web Forms. Hubbus is like a hub for a business which spokes connects to. Spokes can for example be an information exchange or collaboration with customers, suppliers or the employees of a company. Hubbus is easy to use and integrate with existing business applications.

Many organizations are using the Web for electronic commerce or for the collection and dissemination of information with Forms. Forms can be prepared and maintained for a fraction of the price of a bespoke Web design.

Problems we solve

To develop a professional Web Application with forms often means high development costs. Many functions in a web application are similar such as creating a web form with validation or management of user accounts. Hubbus offers the possibility to create advanced Web Applications, without programming or high development costs.

Key features

  • Collection, processing and distribution of information in a secure and structured way.
  • Integration with existing business and web applications.
  • Quick and easy development of your own forms.
  • Electronic delegation and signature of critical business transactions.

The service

Hubbus is a service that is provided by Comfact AB. A subscription means that a "Hub" is created that can be used by the subscriber in its daily activities. In the subscription it is possible to use existing web forms such as registration forms, invoice, travel claim and agreement. The subscription also includes free use of the ProSale Designer to develop new web forms or change existing.