Start a signing instance

Web browser

A signing instance can be started directly from your Web Browser. This is done in four simple steps:

Step 1 - Document
Select and upload the document you wish to have signed. You can also give the document a specific title.
Step 2 - Signatories
Select Signature Flow and add Signatories. Depending on the means of identification you choose for each signatory, additional information might be required such as mobile number, personal id, email address etc.
Step 3 - Settings
Enter extra information such as a personal message to the Signatories and an expiry date after which the instance will be closed. The contact person will be the sender of the instance and will also receive a copy of the signed document.
Step 4 - Review & Send
This last step displays a short summary of the information you have entered. Enter the means of payment and click "Start" in order for the instance to start.

After this step the process for signing the document starts.

Advanced options

In upper right corner the option “Show advanced options” can be selected. This option enables you to include attachments, select individual language for all signatories as well as sending each a personal message.

Business application

Prosale Signing can be integrated directly into your existing Business Applications with our well-defined and intuitive interface ProSale API. This integration is not very complicated or expensive. To use the most basic functionalities only two operations are required: Create a signing instance and Receive a signed document. We also provide plugins to many Business Applications.