Workflow for signing a document

When a signing instance is started a customized workflow is performed. Here is an example of a typical workflow:

1. E-mail is sent to signatory
An E-mail is sent to the person who is requested to sign. In this it is stated who requires the signature, a message and a link to the document to be signed. In order to see the document the signatory must be identified in the way that was stated, but this does not mean that the document is signed.
2. The signatory is identified
When opening the link in the email, a welcome page is displayed, stating the way that the person should be identified. When the person clicks on the link to be identified, a check of the person's identity is performed in the way stated. After identification the document to be signed is displayed.
3. The signatory signs or declines
After successful identification of a signatory the document is displayed. The signatory now has two choices; to sign or decline. Should the person choose to decline, a reason can be given which is forwarded to the other signatories as well as the Contact Person, after which the instance is closed.

Demonstrations of electronic signatures