ProSale Forms

Problems we solve

Developing Web Applications with Forms may involve high development and licensing costs. With ProSale Forms development costs are kept to a minimum and license costs are avoided for fillable PDF forms. ProSale Forms has two parts:

  • ProSale Designer for the development of forms
  • ProSale Hubbus to publish and handle forms

ProSale Designer

With ProSale Designer web forms can be created to be used in Hubbus, without you having to write a single line of code. Controls, calculations and navigations can be entered in a simple way.

ProSale Hubbus

Hubbus stands for "Hub for Business" and is a web application for using and managing web forms.

Key features

  • Collection, processing and distribution of information in a secure and structured way
  • Integration with existing business and web applications
  • Quick and easy development of your own forms
  • Electronic signature of forms with ProSale Signing


The ProSale Forms project started in 1998 as a research project, within a European Union Fifth framework Research and Development program, called IQML - "Intelligent Questionnaire Markup Language" with the aim to find a solution for efficient data collection. One result of the research was the development of an XML-structure to represent "intelligent" questionnaires. When this later was accepted by the EU as a recommended solution for data collection it was called XML4DR - "XML for Data Reporting". XML4DR is a very central part of ProSale Forms. With this structure intelligent forms are created and used. After the research project ended in 2002 the development of ProSale Forms has continued. Functions and features are developed as new requirements are discovered.