ProSale Designer

Problems we solve

Developing a form for the web can take time and be very expensive. With ProSale Designer web forms can be created easily and securely. These can be used in ProSale Hubbus.

Here you can use ProSale Designer free of charge, registration and any commitment:

Key features

  • Controls such as text-boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, can be placed with "drag and drop"
  • Calculations are created by marking fields and entering operators
  • Validations are made for fields and error/warning messages displayed in the appropriate language
  • A form can contain multiple languages
  • Code lists (with several languages) are used for drop-lists and radio button groups
  • Pre-filling of fields is used to reduce user's work
  • Navigation i.e. locking/unlocking of fields depending on other fields contents


After you have started ProSale Designer, enter a title and if desired a short text introduction. Sections and sub-sections can be created to represent the structure of the form. In each section controls, validations and texts can be entered. During the development the form can be pre-viewed and tested as it will work in ProSale Hubbus. When the form is completed it is saved locally on the user's computer. When it is time to use the form in ProSale Hubbus, the user must login as an Administrator, load and sets the properties of the form. The form is now ready to be used on the Internet.


ProSale Designer is developed using Microsoft Silverlight and requires therefore Microsoft’s free of charge plug-in to be installed. This plug-in is then used by the installed web browser. Forms developed by the ProSale Designer are saved in an XML-structure called XML4DR. This is used to "run" the form in Hubbus. An article in IEEE Computer Society is available here: XML and Objects-The Future for E-Forms on the Web