Receive a delivery

Workflow for receiving a delivery

When a delivery instance is started a customized workflow is performed. Here is an example of a typical workflow:

1. E-mail is sent to receiver
An E-mail is sent to the person who should receive the delivery. In this it is stated who the sender is, a message and a link to the delivery. In order to access the delivery the receiver must be identified in the stated way.
2. The receiver is identified
When opening the link provided in the email, a welcome page is displayed, stating the way that the person should be identified. When the person clicks on the link to be identified, a check of the person's identity is performed. After identification the receiver can access the delivery.
3. Proof of receipt is sent to the sender
After the delivery has been received a signed Proof of Receipt is sent to sender. In the case that it is sent from a Business Application information is accompanied that makes it possible to save this and mark the delivery as received.