Legal aspects

Present situation

No Sign Pad

Today when you post an envelope with paper it is deemed received after some time. If you want to be more confident that the receiver in fact has received it you can send it as registered mail with a proof of receipt. Previously there has been no possible electronic replacement of the manual paper flow.

The secure way is the only way

ProSale Delivery offers the possibility to deliver electronic material such as messages and documents in a secure way. The service replaces in this way deliveries of material that previously was necessary to deliver on paper in envelopes. It uses the latest technology in order to offer high security and credibility.

Delivery of sensitive and personal data

Another very important aspect is how the information is distributed from other secure services. If such a confidential document signed by a secure signature service and this is then distributed as an attachment to an email message potential problem arises with the interception. In other cases it is not allowed by law to distribute sensitive personal information by email. The only safe way in these cases is to use ProSale Delivery.

Future legal aspects

Comfact follows the development of legal aspects very closely and we participate in all initiatives we find as this is very important for our customers. ProSale Signing and related services will for example comply with the EU legislation eIDAS: “Electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market

What is required?

In order to use ProSale Delivery you only need an email account, a web browser and credentials of a required Level of Assurance. No additional hard or software is required.