Logged In Identity

Problems we solve

Today, we have to identify ourselves many times each day. This takes time and is not productive. It can for example be when we shall sign a document. When this is done at the workplace in the company, we are usually logged onto the network, and is thus already identified in a highly secure manner.

Business Identification can for example be used when signing a document electronically. In this way signatories do not have to authenticate themselves each time a document is to be signed.

How it works

The company's application provides a "ticket" with the identifying information of the person who should sign. This is compared and then used when signing and no additional authentication need to be done.

The standard we use is called SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) and the technique is called Single Sign-On (SSO). This technique is used more and more by companies with many different applications that require authentication. This allows a user with one identification to access many different applications without login.

Companies that today use Active Directory from Microsoft in their network for authentication, only need to install the AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services) to make this and SSO possible.

In cases where the AD FS is not used, there are many other options, depending on platform and environment.