Our Projects

Some of the projects that we have been working in:

IQML - Intelligent Questionnaire Markup Language. A European Union Fifth framework Research and Development program, a project which aimed to use current and emerging information technologies to implement a solution for intelligent questionnaires, and to influence international standards for metadata interchange and database access standards.
Kostra - Municipality-State-Reporting in Norway Data collection from municipalities in Norway for statistical analysis.
Elections in Norway Collection of results from elections to parliament and municipalities in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009.
MIS Life XML Communication solution for Life Insurance companies.
XML4SAK Communication solution for Property and Casualty insurances.
Vinnova EAST-project A research project to explore "Open Social Services".
Eurostat R&D Research and development of services for statistical data collection in the European Union in areas such as OMG, IDA and SDMX.