What we do

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Why we do it

To improve your business efficiency, reduce costs and increase your revenue.

Revenue and Cost
  • Reduce your costs by 50% and working hours by 80%
  • Gain exact control over your signed document and reduce administration
  • Increase your business opportunities with a lead time reduction by 90%
  • Reduce your environmental footprint to close to zero
  • Dramatically improve the security in your documents to avoid future legal issues
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How we do it

By providing a complete service for secure document handling.

The Puzzle

A very important part in our offering is our state-of-the art electronic signature service ProSale Signing. In order to provide a complete solution, we also provide services before and after signing a document.

Many signed documents contain confidential information and should not be sent unprotected. This also applies to sensitive personal information which by law should not be sent in for example an E-mail. With ProSale Delivery confidential and sensitive personal information can be distributed electronically in a secure way.

For legal entities we provide ProSale Seal with which for example invoices and booking confirmations can be sealed.

A Web Form is a very good example of a service that could be required before signature. Here are some examples of form that can be signed with for example E-mail One-Time Password or PKI Certificate. These forms have been developed with ProSale Designer.

Our offering is combine our services to best match your requirements in order to provide you the best possible benefit. One way to visualize and model different combinations of our services is to use our Service Puzzle.

Why Comfact and ProSale®

  • A future proof collection of services that can be combined to best meet your business needs, now and in the future
  • The next generation of electronic signatures with individual digital document signatures
  • Secure distribution of signed and sensitive document
  • Forms for easy data capture which can be digitally signed
  • Combine electronic signature with services both before and after
  • Complies with legal regulations and international standards